A complaint has been lodged against the tahsildar of Ajra in Kolhapur district in the local court accusing him of relying on bogus records while approving the right of others in the 7/12 document of landowner Amit Samant.

The complaint names tahsildar Baburao Powar in addition to four others

— Maruti Nirmale, Shivaji Kumbhar, Keraba Kalekar, and Shamrao Terase — who provided bogus documents with fake signature of talathi. Landowner Samant has produced handwriting expert's report which confirmed that talathi S.D. Shinde's signature on previous 7/12 documents and one produced by the four accused did not match.

He also contends that since tahsildar had relied on forged record, his decision on the issue is not legally tenable.

The local court has now directed the District Superintendent of Police to conduct an inquiry into the alleged illegal dealing.