Staff Correspondent

BIJAPUR: BJP councillors Anand Vithal Dhumale and Mohammad Shafeeq Basheerahammad Bagadadi have demanded that Basanagouda R. Patil Yatnal, MP, be expelled from the party.

They alleged that he was responsible for the defeat of the party’s official nominee for the post of vice-president of the Bijapur City Municipal Council in the elections held on Friday.

The party nominee, Prakash Mirji, was defeated as nine of the 15 party councillors and Mr. Yatnal were absent during voting. Mr. Dhumale and Mr. Bagadadi were among the councillors who did not vote. Despite having only 12 councillors in the 35-member CMC, the Congress bagged the post.

Addressing a joint press conference here on Sunday, Mr. Dhumale and Mr. Bagadadi alleged that Mr. Yatnal asked them to get into his vehicle saying that he was going to the municipal council building. However, he took them elsewhere and finally dropped them at his residential school in Kavalagi village, 16 km from the city. By the time Mr. Dhumale and Mr. Bagadadi returned to the city, voting was over.

Mr. Yatnal had said that he and his supporters would vote in favour of the party’s official nominee. However, they did not do so.

Mr. Dhumale and Mr. Bagadadi charged that Mr. Yatnal had a tacit understanding with Congress leader M.B. Patil to ensure the victory of the Congress nominee Milind Chanchalkar. They said they had complained to the party leadership about Mr. Yatnal’s “betrayal” and had sought his expulsion.