They raise concerns about road-widening

Councillors here have raised questions about several recommendations of the Master Plan for the Mysore-Nanjangud Local Planning Area.

At a presentation organised for the councillors here on Thursday, some of them accused the government of not taking the exercise seriously.

For example, referring to the recommendation in the plan for widening roads from 18 m to 30 m, they wondered how it could be implemented with dense growth, lack of space, and widening entailing large-scale displacement.

Land conversion

Then, when representatives of SAI Consultants, who prepared the draft master plan 2031, apprised councillors of the special regulations for the conservation of Chamundi Hills and surrounding areas, the former Mayor Sandesh Swamy raised objection to it. He drew attention to the controversy surrounding the conversion of ‘B kharab land’, which is prime government property around Chamundi Hills and cannot be acquired for any purpose, to ‘A kharab land’, which allows for private acquisition. On one hand, the master plan declared the area a green belt, freezing all development, but on the other, the government authorised such conversion, making a mockery of the planning exercise, Mr. Swamy charged.


Narayan Shastry, who was involved in the preparation of the plan, said the main thrust of the document was on land-use patterns and circulation patterns of traffic. Accordingly, around 105 roads had been identified for widening.

However, Mr. Swamy pointed out, not a single road listed for widening in the previous plan in 1997 had been taken up for the work. Hence, he wondered if the document was executable at all.

Zoning violations

The councillors also pointed to zoning violations taking place in Mysore, and said land earmarked for industries was being sold to private developers for apartments and residential areas.

The councillors were also apprised of the peripheral ring road planned 5 km beyond the existing Outer Ring Road. The new road would be 99 km long and critical in diverting traffic, they were told.

The master plan also has regulations on hoardings and the height of buildings in the heritage zone.

Absence criticised

The councillors took objection to Mysore City Corporation Commissioner M.R. Ravi and Mysore Urban Development Authority Commissioner C.G. Betsurmath excusing themselves from the meeting. The presence of the officials was imperative in view of the importance of the plan for the city’s future, they said.

As the officials had to attend the Backward Classes Legislature Committee meeting, the councillors called for another round of discussions on the master plan in their presence.

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