Nearly Rs. 12 lakh appears to have gone missing from the statement of annual accounts of Bangalore University (BU) for 2011-12. Members of the Academic Council of the varsity, at a meeting here on Thursday where the statement was presented for approval, pointed out the glaring errors in the accounts of the varsity, including Rs. 11.08 lakh difference in the income of the varsity.

While emphasising the urgent need to bring in financial discipline in the university, the former Registrar (Administration) and council member T.D. Kemparaju said affiliation fees worth crores of rupees are yet to reach BU. Another member pointed out that only about 90 colleges out of over 650 affiliated colleges are remitting the sports fee collected. R. Karunamoorthy, who criticised the financial report, questioned how the erroneous statement was even presented for approval. “The report mentions Rs. 10.7 lakh worth of sales tax paid by the university, when it is exempted from paying taxes,” he said.

Splurging on water

Another council member also highlighted BU’s splurging on water. Referring to the Rs. 1.06 crore water bill (excluding the Rs. 1.34 lakh water charges for hostels), the member said there was an urgent need to begin conserving water resources.

The meagre expenditure on infrastructure, often pointed out to be the biggest problem in BU, was also discussed, citing the example of how only Rs. 3,000 was spent on the maintenance of the gymnasium and swimming pool.

Not the first

This is not the first time that BU has faltered in accounting. Last year, in-charge Finance Officer N. Rangaswamy came under criticism for “embarrassing” errors. That time too, the council had pointed out that Rs. 46.34 lakh was mentioned as being paid as sales tax to the government, when BU was not a commercial establishment. The 2008-09 report too had several loopholes and was sent for review.

Vice-Chancellor B. Thimme Gowda, who attributed the mistakes to “typing errors”, also agreed on the infrastructure and said the new guest house at the Jnanabharathi campus would be made functional soon.

An eight-member committee to examine the guidelines for Local Inquiry Committees (LICs) was also formed. The committee will meet on Friday, after which the report will be placed in the Syndicate’s regular meeting on February 19. A special Syndicate meeting to discuss the B.Ed, affiliation tangle will be held on February 22.