The Legislative Council conducted some of the listed business on the day's agenda in the absence of the Opposition. It not only passed nine Bills as they were passed in the Assembly, but also adopted a motion to thank the Governor for addressing the Joint Session of the Legislature by headcount.

Chairman D.H. Shankaramurthy admitted a notice moved by D.S. Veeraiah and Doddarange Gowda to remove Puttanna as Deputy Chairman.

Mr. Shankaramurthy, as Chairman of the Special Joint House Committee on the educational and cultural needs of Kannadigas living in the border areas, placed a mid-term report before the House. Three reports (10, 11 and 12) by the Public Accounts Committee for 2009-10 were also tabled.

Minster for Major and Medium Irrigation Basavaraj Boammai presented a summary note of the Krishna Waters Dispute Tribunal's final award. He said the Government would decide over the pros and cons of implementing the tribunal's award only after holding a high-level meeting with experts and leaders of the both the Houses of Legislature. The Chief Minister would chair the meeting, he added.


As the House assembled in the morning, the Opposition rushed into the well raising slogans and displaying a placard that carried a news headline in bold letters, published in an English daily, in the context of the reported High Court's view on alleged denotification issue pertaining to the Kempe Gowda Layout.

Quoting the headline, the Opposition termed the Government as “impotent.” Amid the din, Janata Dal (Secular) leader M.C. Nanaiah in a pitched voice said that “Like Bheeshma of the Mahabharata, we too have no point in waging our war against Shikahndi.”

As commotion prevailed, the Chair adjourned the House for 30 minutes.

When it reassembled, the House started passing Bills without any debate, the Opposition hurriedly entered the House and alleged that the Government was keen on conducting the business “through undemocratic, autocratic and shameless measures.”

When the Chair did not pay heed to them, the Opposition staged a walkout for the day.