Staff Correspondent

Hubli: P. Manivannan, Commissioner, Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation, has announced that those who submit photographs of buses that are stopped to either pick up or allow passengers to alight at places other than specified bus stops will get a cash prize.

Mr. Manivannan made this announcement during the discussion on haphazard stopping and parking of buses belonging to private bus operators and North-West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation here on Tuesday.

He said the photographs should show passengers alighting or being picked up and the registration number of the bus. Each of such photographs will get a cash prize of Rs. 200, he said. The Commissioner made this announcement when the Commissioner of Police Narayan Nadamani said that if specific cases of stopping the buses at places other than bus stops were brought to his notice, he would take steps to seize the vehicles and cancel the permit given to them. He said the ban on parking of vehicles within 300 yards around Kittur Channamma Circle would be strictly implemented.

The officials of North-Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation brought to the notice of the meeting that because of the existence of ticket booking centres of private bus operators around Kittur Channamma Circle, buses were being parked there.

Mr. Manivannan said the licences of centres within 300 yards of the bus stand would be cancelled.