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A resident had sought information under the Right to Information Act

The corporation forced the petitioner, who had applied for a building licence, to buy NSCs The Deputy Director of Town Planning took four months to reply to the petitioner The Karnataka Information Commission orders the corporation to pay a fine of Rs. 1,000

MYSORE: The Karnataka Information Commission has imposed a fine of Rs. 1,000 on the Mysore City Corporation under the Right to Information Act for allegedly harassing an applicant who had requested information under the Act.

According to a press release from the Mysore Grahakara Parishat, the corporation had been fined following a complaint by Reena Anil Kumar.

The complaint was against insisting on buying national savings certificates before issuing building licence to the petitioner, and delaying to provide information sought under the Act, the release said.

The petitioner had applied for a building licence from the Deputy Director of Town Planning of the corporation.

Fee paid

Though she had paid the fee, licence was not issued to her because she had not purchased national savings certificates for Rs. 25,000, the release said. The press release said Ms. Reena sought to know the legal provision under which she was being forced to purchase national savings certificates.


Though the Act allowed only 30 days for providing the information sought, the Deputy Director of Town Planning took four months to reply.

The petitioner said that she had received a reply stating that she had been asked to buy national savings certificates because the target to mobilise deposits under the savings scheme had been fixed by the Deputy Commissioner. The building licence was issued only after the corporation's reply.

The commission said that the reply given by Deputy Director of Town Planning was wrong and misleading since fixing target was an administrative action and not a legal provision.


Because of the delay in issuing the building licence, the applicant had incurred financial loss since the prices of construction material had increased during the period.

The commission upheld the contention of Ms. Reena and penalised the commission.