A group of Congress leaders representing the minority community, including Zahir Ahmed, former chairman of the Bellary Urban Development Authority, and S. Mohammed Ghouse (Dada), who recently quit as chairman of the Haj Committee and resigned the BJP and joined the Congress, has urged Congress president Sonia Gandhi to field Hothur Iqbal Ahmed, mine lessee, from the Bellary City Assembly constituency. Addressing a press conference here on Friday, the Congress leaders, while thanking the party for giving representation to the minority community after a gap of 20 years, suggested that the party withdraw the candidature of Abdul Wahab, chosen to contest from the Vijayanagar Assembly constituency. Incidentally, Mr. Wahab is Mr. Ahmed’s brother. “Mr. Wahab was not successful in both the Assembly elections he contested in 1989 and 1994. Even now, his chances of winning are bleak,” Mr. Zahir Ahmed said.