The Congress has won in all four Assembly constituencies in Gadag. While the Bharatiya Janata Party made a clean sweep in the 2008 elections, the Congress did the same this time.

The former Minister H.K. Patil secured 70,475 votes, defeating BSR Congress candidate Anil Mensinkai (36,748 votes) by a margin of 33,727 votes.

Women and Child Development Minister Kalakappa G. Bandi and the former Minister C.C. Patil, who served as district in-charge Ministers for some time, lost to former MLAs fielded by the Congress in Ron and Naragund constituencies respectively: G.S. Patil defeated Mr. Bandi by 18,165 votes and B.R. Yavagal defeated C.C. Patil by 8,585 votes.

In Shirahatti (SC) constituency, Ramappa Lamani, former MLA, was defeated by Ramakrishna Doddamani of the Congress by a margin of just 315 votes.

Mr. Lamani received 44,423 votes and Mr. Doddamani, 44,738 votes.

The counting of votes was held at the Sri Tontadarya College of Engineering.