The Congress has won in four of the six constituencies in the district by a considerable margin; however, the party lost in the Chitradurga and Molakalmuru Assembly segments in the elections on Sunday.

In Molkalmuru, BSR Congress candidate T. Tippeswamy defeated N.Y. Gopalkrishna, four-time Congress MLA, by a margin of 7,169 votes.

In Chitradurga, G.H. Tippareddy of the Bharatiya Janata Party defeated S.K. Basavarajan of the Janata Dal (Secular) by 26,718 votes. This is the BJP’s only victory in the district; in all other constituencies, the party’s candidates received less than 10,000 votes each.

Mr. Tippareddy secured 62,228 votes; his rival Mr. Basavarajan secured 35,510 votes; and G.S. Manjunath of the Congress, 30,729 votes. The BSR Congress candidate Fayazuddin secured 23,382 votes, while A.V. Umapathi of the KJP came in last, with only 3,791 votes.

In Hosadurga, Congress candidate B.G. Govindappa defeated Gulihatti Shekhar, the former Minister and Independent, by a margin of 20,017 votes. Mr. Govindappa received 58,010 votes, followed by Mr. Shekhar with 37,993 votes; KJP candidate S. Lingamurty, 37,717 votes. The BJP candidate, M. Lakshamana, received 1,866 votes, while JD(S) candidate K. Timmappa came in last with 828 votes.

Contesting for the first time, Congress candidate T. Raghumurthy won from Challakere by a margin of 23,123 votes against KJP candidate K.T. Kumarswamy. He secured 60,197 votes, compared to Mr. Kumarswamy’s 37,074.

The JD(S) candidate, P. Tippeswamy, received only 27,373 votes, followed by BJP candidate G.P. Jayapalaiah with 12,981 votes. The BSR Congress candidate, L. Nagaraju, came in last with 4,233 votes.

In Holalkere, KJP candidate M. Chandrappa lost to the Congress candidate, H. Anjaneya by 12,864 votes. Mr. Anjaneya secured 76,856 votes, and Mr. Chandrappa, 63,992 votes. Devendra Naik, the BJP candidate, secured 7,595 votes, followed by JD(S) candidate K. Mahadevappa by 3,091 votes.

In Hiriyur, D. Sudhakar, former Minister and Congress candidate, defeated JD(S) candidate A. Krishnappa, also a former Minister, by a margin of 1,205 votes.

Mr. Sudhakar secured 71,661 votes and Mr. Krishnappa 70,456 votes. The BSR Congress candidate M. Jayanna received 6,965 votes, followed by the BJP district president Siddesh Yadav with 2,880 votes and KJP candidate M. Tippeswamy with 2,570 votes.