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Horatti sets deadline of June 1 for 1,000 institutions Deadline of June 1 set for 1,000 institutions

The institutions had informed the court that they would conduct classes in the students' mother tongue The directive is not applicable to unaided English-medium schools opened before 1994 Officials have failed to inspect schools, says Horatti They have been directed to submit weekly reports

BANGALORE: Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Basavaraj Horatti on Thursday directed over 1,000 unaided educational institutions to conduct classes up to fifth standard in Kannada or the students' mother tongue.

The institutions are those who have informed the Karnataka High Court through affidavits that they will conduct classes in the students' mother tongue.

Addressing presspersons, Mr. Horatti directed unaided primary schools to use the mother tongue as the medium of instruction from June 1 regardless of the difficulties involved and the inconvenience it might cause to children and parents. He said parents should have admitted children to such schools only after giving the matter due consideration. The schools were conducting classes in English despite their affidavits, he said.

The directive, he said, would not be applicable to unaided English-medium schools which were opened before 1994. Because schools were enrolling students for classes in English medium without permission from the Government, there was a decline in the number of children in Kannada-medium schools.

He alleged that deputy directors of public instruction and block educational officers in districts had connived with managements of illegal English-medium schools.

The illegal schools, Mr. Horatti said, were demanding donations of between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. He said officials in the Department of Public Instruction had failed to inspect schools which were conducting classes in the English medium without sanction. They had been directed to submit reports to him each week, he added.

All schools had been directed to facilitate rendering of the national anthem and the State song (Naadageethe) by students before the commencement of classes.