Over a 100 computer operators employed on contract basis by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike staged a protest in front of the Employee State Insurance (ESI) Corporation here on Monday demanding Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) benefits, which provides social security and health insurance.

BBMP Computer Operators Union president Tanujakshi K.M. said that the palike had engaged the services of the operators through Keonics and other subcontractors.

“Some of them have been working since 2000, but till now they don’t get ESI benefits. If they give us ESI cards until the BBMP’s share of the ESI reaches us, we can at least get medical benefits, which we [badly] need as our salary is very low,” she said.

A group of representatives was later invited to submit a complaint to the Regional Director of the ESI Corporation. After the meeting, it said it had been assured that after checking the number of computer operators under the BBMP, ESI numbers would be allotted to the operators.

“We are demanding allotment of ESI numbers to all 800 contract computer operators at the head office and eight zonal offices,” said union general secretary Palaniswamy G.K.