Action after last week's reportage in these columns

Following our report on rampant corruption in the government-run Vani Vilas Hospital, O.S. Siddappa, Dean and Director of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI), to which Vani Vilas is attached, has set up a six-member committee to conduct an inquiry.

“The agency that was in charge of the hospital's security is also being changed. I have already given the instructions and tenders have been invited for appointing a new agency,” Dr. Siddappa told The Hindu on Thursday.

The news report

On February 4, The Hindu published the report, “Disease of Corruption hits Vani Vilas Hospital”, which highlighted the plight of patients who said they had to pay at every step to ensure at least a modicum of care. From gatekeepers to doctors, everyone is on the take, patients had alleged.

Following this, the Dean inspected the hospital and probed the allegations and set up the investigative committee headed by Jayanthi C.R., Head of the Department of Pharmacology. She has been tasked to take random feedbacks from patients and their attendants, emergency duty doctors, postgraduate students, and student nurses regarding corruption allegations. “I have asked them to submit a report within a week,” Dr. Siddappa said.

He said the committee had women members from BMCRI, who were not directly involved in the hospital's functioning.

“Vani Vilas is an exclusive hospital for women. So, the committee members will take patients into confidence about their problems at the hospital. Based on their report strict action will be initiated against those found guilty.”

The committee comprises Professor of Pharmacology Mamata B.R., Associate Professor of Anatomy V.R. Ranganath, Assistant Professor of Community Medicine Jyothi Yadav, Assistant Professor of Physiology Suguna S., and Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Anita M., according to Dr. Siddappa.

  • Agency in charge of hospital security being changed
  • Panel asked to submit report in a week