The National Highway Diversion Action Committee (NHDAC) on Sunday rejected the proposed realignment of the National Highways in Goa, which had been suggested by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) after a re-survey conducted recently.

According to the NHAI's realignment of NH4A after re-survey, the right of highway had to be 60 metres in open places and 45 metres where commercial establishments and houses were located, and 35 metres at the heritage site in old Goa.

The people in different parts of the State had been agitating over the issue of highway widening. The State Government had been trying to resolve the issue by seeking to reduce the number of structures to be demolished.

Sunil Desai, president of the action committee, on Saturday, lashed out at the realignment, describing it as a mere eyewash to get the people's approval. He urged the NHAI to understand the sentiments of the people here and not disrupt life in Goa by widening the highways.

On Sunday, village groups organised a road show in south Goa, along with Goemchea Xetkarancho Ekvott (Goan farmer's collective), to educate the people on how expressways are being built. Speakers dwelt on issues such as meagre compensation offered to villagers whose lands were being acquired for widening.

People from various parts of the State have been agitating over the road-widening proposal