Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker winner is off shelves in Mangalore stores

Eleanor Catton’s Man Booker prize-winning book, ‘The Luminaries’ is missing from bookstore shelves across Mangalore. Though you could hardly meet anyone looking for the book in stores, some Mangaloreans are keen to purchase it online.

While bookstores are keen to store the mega novel by the 28-year-old author, the recently released new book ‘House of Hades,’ a part of Rick Riordan’s best-selling series ‘Heroes of Olympus’, is easily available in most stores. New Zealand-based Catton’s 1866 tale of bizarre connections has seemingly failed to generate a similar response among its audience. Most vendors were ignorant of the book altogether. A local bookstore manager, Harish Kumar, however, said, “We can get the book in two days, but there has been no enquiry so far.”

Mehul Khimani, Mangalore branch manager of a book mart, said, “We have stocked the book in other locations but enquiries related to it have been fairly low.” He also said that price could be a major deterrent in the sales of the book (Rs. 799). Also, it’s possible that the publicity of the book has fallen short which would explain the low enquiry rate.”

Some readers claimed they have ordered the paperback edition online due to the discounted rates (currently Rs. 559 on Flipkart). Vignesh Venkatesan said, “I would rather sit at home and order it online.”