Codava National Council (CNC), spearheading the movement for seeking autonomous status to Kodagu, has urged the Centre to introduce a Bill in Parliament to grant autonomous Kodava Homeland status to Kodagu.

In a release here on Wednesday, CNC president N.U. Nachappa said that Kodava homeland should be carved out by bringing the erstwhile 45 Nads' (nad is a cluster of villages) inhabited by the Kodava people.

The Centre, while taking up issues such as Telangana, Gorkhaland, Jammu, Srinagar, Ladakh and the issue of minority status to the Gujjers in Rajasthan, must consider the pleas of the CNC, Mr. Nachappa said.

The CNC formed a human chain around the historic Clock Tower in Virajpet in this regard, Mr. Nachappa said. The CNC conducted a “rasta roko” for sometime in the town. Participants took oath in the name of “Guru Karona” (ancestors) on the occasion to further their cause.