N.U. Nachappa, secretary-general of the Codava National Council (CNC), which is demanding an autonomous Kodava homeland, urged the President, the Prime Minister and Ministers to give due recognition to Kodava language by including it in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.

In a statement here on Saturday, Mr. Nachappa, referring to the Union Human Resource Development Ministry's intention to convene a roundtable on the protection and preservation of indigenous traditional knowledge and endangered languages, said Kodava language was ancient and was spoken by Kodavas and several other Kodava-speaking groups.

A debate on the status of the Kodava language at the roundtable would help it secure importance, he said.

The CNC had been advocating the idea of making Kodava one of the administrative languages in Kodagu as per constitutional provisions.

The CNC also stood for incorporating Kodava in school curriculum, Mr. Nachappa said.

UNESCO had ruled that Kodava was one of the 196 languages that was on the verge of extinction in India.

Therefore, the demand of the CNC was genuine, and it ought to be fulfilled by the Centre.

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