Seeking ‘autonomous Kodava land’ some 5,000 volunteers of the Codava National Council (CNC) will take out a rally in New Delhi on November 1.

Addressing presspersons here on Wednesday, CNC president N.U. Nachappa said that the rally was simply the continuation of a 22-year-long political struggle.

Mr. Nachappa said that the CNC had demanded autonomous Kodava land, under the 6th schedule of the Constitution, not a separate State.

He said the Kodava land met all the required eligibility for getting autonomous land status as it did have its own history, folk, legal system, heritage and its own language.

Mr. Nachappa said that at present there were over 26 regions seeking separate Statehood after Telangana’s formation was announced. “CNC’s demand is that instead of just taking a decision only on Telangana, the Union government should constitute a Second States’ Reorganisation Commission to avoid all future complications,” he said.

The CNC president said that UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi had been sympathetic towards the CNC’s demands, and the rally was aimed at gaining further support for the demand.

CNC’s other demands include provision of ethno-linguistic-tribal minority status for the Kodavas, including their language in the 8th schedule of the Constitution, political reservation along the lines of the Anglo-Indians, universal recognition for the Kodava race and continuation of sections three and four of the Indian Arms Act without hindrance to the Kodava customary laws.