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It is against giving family names to ‘converted’ Kodavas

Kodavas cannot be equated with other clans

or races: Nachappa

‘An individual could only become a Kodava

by birth’

Madikeri: Codava National Council (CNC) is planning to initiate “appropriate legal proceedings” against Akhila Kodava Samaja for assigning Kodava “vokka” (family) names to non-Kodavas “converted” into Kodava.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the Secretary-General of the CNC, N.U. Nachappa, said that a resolution in this regard was passed at “Kodava parliament session” held at Capital Resort near here on Sunday. The samaja had not been a “conscience keeper or the representative of the Kodavas” to admit non-Kodavas into Kodava fold, members of the Kodava parliament alleged. The samaja assigned “Ponnokkada” “vokka” name to a particular group recently.

Mr. Nachappa said that the samaja had only a “limited scope” for functioning and it could not exceed the limits that could be detrimental to the Kodavas. Kodava people, who had been nurturing a unique culture and tradition since time immemorial, could not be equated with other clans or races. An individual could only become a Kodava by birth and not by conversion, the members had stated in the session.

The resolution stated that Kodava was just a race and not a religious faith. Any member “converted” could not become a Kodava. If the motives of the samaja were to increase the number of the Kodavas, it was wrong. Because, minority groups such as Kodava had every right to move the United Nations to seek protection to the dwindling community. The members had also suggested to him at the meeting to socially boycott the president of the samaja for taking decisions to assign “vokka” names to non-Kodavas, he said.