Mall, industries told to use their own generators: Bescom

If Holi signifies the coming of summer in the country, then it seems frequent, unscheduled power cuts in the city herald the coming of the season in the city.

With temperatures soaring, many areas in the city face unscheduled power cuts — some from a few minutes to even for a couple of hours — leaving many residents in the dark. “Every day there are between 15 and 20 unscheduled power cuts in our area. This interrupts our everyday routine,” said Roshini D., a resident of Malleshpalya.

Similarly, residents of Banashankari too complained of irregular power supply. “For the past two days, we have had power cuts for around two hours during the day and then again in the evening,” said a resident of Banashankari III Stage. Jaya Singha, a resident of Mahalakshmi Nagar, said: “We face power cuts for an hour every day, causing a lot of inconvenience to us.”

‘No load-shedding'

Bescom Managing Director P. Manivannan, however, denied that load-shedding had been introduced in the city. “The current consumption in the city is around 1,850 MW. There won't be any load-shedding as we have enough power supply for around 2,000 MW.”


Instead, he attributed the power cuts to “technical problems”. “During peak hours in the morning and evening, the load on the sub-stations increases. We trip the power and supply power again in a few minutes to prevent overloading,” he said.

To prevent the over-consumption of electricity during peak hours, he said Bescom was looking to tap “personal” power. “A lot of malls and big industries have diesel generators, which they don't use because of the high cost of fuel. However, with summer approaching, we have asked them to start using their generators instead of taking power from Bescom.” The strategy seemed to be working, with the city recording a lower consumption than last year, he claimed. “Around the same time, the average consumption was over 2,000 MW,” he said.

  • Bescom Managing Director denies that load-shedding has been introduced in city

  • He attributes power cuts to ‘technical problems'