: District secretary of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) Sheksha Khadri said the ongoing struggle demanding proper compensation for workers of Mysore Petro Chemical Limited (MPCL), which shutdown recently, would be intensified by shifting the venue from Raichur to Bangalore. He was addressing a press conference at Raichur Reporters Guild here on Monday.

“We have had seven rounds of talks with the management of MPCL in the presence of officers of the Labour Department. All of them have failed to arrive at a constructive conclusion thanks to the inflexible and adamant stance of the management. Therefore, we are shifting the struggle to Bangalore so that the struggle could grab attention of the powers that be,” he said. Mr. Khadri added that CITU’s State committee members would join the struggle.

Mr. Khadri announced that a delegation representing MPCL workers, Union leaders and people’s representatives would meet the Labour Commissioner, principal secretary and Minister for Labour and Chief Minister.

Hyderabad Meeting

Mr. Khadri said the country was recording diminished industrial production thanks to increased imports-driven liberalisation resulting in local owners closing down their industries due to losses.

He said leaders of various trade unions working in the organised sectors across the country were holding a meeting in Hyderabad on October 30 and 31, 2013, to discuss the issue and find a way of addressing it. “As many as 20 representatives from Karnataka will participate in the meeting where, apart from the lockout, various other labour issues would be discussed,” he said.