Staff Correspondent

M.B. Prakash recommends taluk status for Parashurampur hobli

Chitradurga: Chitradurga district comprises six taluks. However, if the Government approves the recommendations of M.B. Prakash, chairman, Taluk Reorganising Committee, the district will have two more taluks.

He has recommended to the Government to give Parashurampur hobli a taluk status, and divide Chitradurga taluk into two by forming Chitradurga South and Chitradurga North taluks.

In the past, the Vasudev Rao Committee had recommended to the Government to make Dharampur hobli a taluk by including 29 villages of Dharampur hobli, 46 villages of Parashurampur hobli, and 23 villages of Hulikunte hobli of Sira taluk.

Later, the Hundekar Committee, after a review, scraped the proposal.

The Gaddigoudar Committee had, after making some changes in 1986, recommended that Dharampur hobli be converted into a taluk. However, the Government Order, which stated that the taluks should be formed by including only those villages that fell on the borders of the districts, prevented the conversion of Dharampur hobli into a taluk as it needed the inclusion of villages of Sira taluk of Tumkur district.

There was a provision for giving Dharampur hobli taluk status by merging Parashurampur hobli of Chellakere taluk and Dharampur hobli of Hiriyur taluk, but the people of Parashurampur hobli opposed it. They made it clear that they did not wish to be part of Dharampur taluk.

The Prakash Committee proposed to convert Dharampur hobli into a taluk. It also proposed to include nine gram panchayats of Dharampur hobli, 11 villages of Imangala hobli, four villages of Javanagondanahalli gram panchayat and two village of Kasaba hobli.

However, the committee later found that the taluk would be too small as the population was only a little over 97,000.

After considering these aspects, the Prakash Committee had stated that it is not feasible to convert Dharampur hobli into a taluk.

However, in a new recommendation, the committee has said that Chellakere taluk, being one of the biggest taluks of the State, is 87 per cent bigger than an average taluk. It has said that the taluk could be divided into two by considering Parashurampur as a taluk.

Similarly, the committee has proposed to divide Chitradurga taluk into two by segregating hoblis, villages and gram panchayats.