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Memorandum will be sent to all political parties

BANGALORE: It is their demand that the age of the child be raised to 18 years for all acts and statutory records in the Indian Constitution. Members of the Child Rights Trust and South India Cell for Human Rights Education (SICHREM) and Monitoring met on Tuesday for a day-long workshop to arrive at a consensus about child rights in the State. The memorandum will be sent to all political parties and independent candidates standing for the elections.

Vasudev Sharma, chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, said, “We want that amendments be made in the Constitution — especially Sections 21 (A) and 24. We also want that equality of opportunity of education is ensured through a common school system.”

Members have also listed a higher allocation in the budget for education cell as an important demand. Mr. Sharma added that child protection only has a 0.06 per cent share in the entire budget. “As this is a hugely important area, we want that a separate budget line be created for child protection,” he added.

“The Right To Education Bill is not entirely justifiable in its present form and children below the age of six must also be considered,” Mr. Sharma stressed.

Padmini and Satish G.C. from the Child Rights Trust and Matthews Philip, Executive Director, SICHREM, were participants in the discussion.