Satvasheela Chavan, wife of Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chavan, blamed bureaucracy for the plight of farmers at Gadhinglaj in Kolhapur district on Tuesday.

She was addressing a farmer's rally organised by the local unit of ‘Bharatiya Kisan Sangh'. Ms. Chavan said she originally belonged to a farmer's family and could understand the problems faced by farmers.

She said dams and developments projects at Ambemohol, Chitri, and Uchangi had left farmers landless. While acquiring their land, officials had recorded documents without proper measurement. Their rehabilitation had been delayed by the bureaucrats concerned who were not submitting factual information to the government, she said.

Ms. Chavan said the government and the bureaucrats had not discussed with farmers' concerned about their requirements before implementation of development projects.

Ms. Chavan visited the spots of dams and developments projects at Ambemohol, Chitri, and Uchangi and ascertained the plight of evicted farmers.


Farmers voiced their grievances, including the bureaucratic deception, while preparing a list of persons below poverty line, faulty distribution of ‘Gayran' (reserved for cattle feed) lands to the landless, accidents caused by livewires kept open by the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd, and scarcity of seeds and manures. She assured them that she would inform the Chief Minister about their grievances and would urge him to sort out various issues at the earliest.

  • Farmers complain about bureaucratic deception
  • Rehabilitation of farmers delayed