Special Correspondent

Recruitment in the name of jehad; vital information on Maharashtra operations

GULBARGA: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) which investigated the activities of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative Abdul Rehman, arrested by the Gulbarga police on March 30, filed a 1,000-page charge sheet against him in a court here on Monday. Additional Superintendent of Police Ravikumar Naik led the team.

SIT sources told The Hindu here on Tuesday that the operative had provided important information about LeT operations in Maharashtra. They said the charge sheet contained details of the operative's attempt to destabilise the country by recruiting youngsters for militant training in the name of jehad.

The charge sheet also cited 60 witnesses, including the parents-in-law of the accused. However, Abdul Rehman's wife, who had disowned him, had been left out.

The Gulbarga police had seized two hand grenades of Austrian-make and a pistol of Pakistani origin from him. He was subjected to brain mapping and a narco analysis test.

Interrogations revealed that Abdul Rehman, a car mechanic in Mumbai, went to Saudi Arabia where he came under the influence of the LeT, which sent him to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for arms training.

After his training he sneaked into India through Jammu and Kashmir. He made a futile attempt to attack power projects in Andhra Pradesh. He moved to Gulbarga and was planning to strike in Goa before his arrest, the sources added.