Coaching classes on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for CET aspirants will be telecast on Chandana channel of Doordarshan Kendra, Bangalore, from November 14.

Experts and educationalists will participate in the programme which will be telecast between Sunday and Wednesday from 10 p.m. to 10.45 p.m. The programme, MSIRT Divige (MSIRT Lamp), is being produced by CHIPS IIT-JEE, and about 50 experts from various districts will participate.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Director of CHIPS IIT-JE Shobha Venkataramaiah said: “There will be 48 episodes and they will be telecast till February 3, 2011.” Educationists will also take classes for those keen on taking the All India Engineering Entrance Exam and COMED-K test in the series.

“Students can attend free tuitions on Chandana channel right in their homes. Experienced experts in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will anchor the programmes,” she said.

CHIPS IIT-JEE has also recently released the study material for CET aspirants on these three subjects. Study materials are available at photocopying shops and stationery shops across the State. The address and telephone numbers of the shops are telecast during the programme. Contact 080 - 23376200 for further details.

  • The programme will be telecast between Sunday and Wednesday
  • 48 episodes will be telecast up till February 3, 2011