Of the 9,935 students enrolled for CET, 4,111 were absent for biology

Students who took the Common Entrance Test (CET) on Wednesday told said they had found biology paper easy and maths tough. Shivani, a student of St. Aloysius College, whose centre was Madhusudan Kushe P.U. College, said, “Some of my brainy friends said maths was easy. The maths paper was tough. Biology was much easy compared to maths.”

Some of them said they were a little anxious as maths had been tough in the Board exams, too. Akshatha Acharya and her friends, Sushmitha and Sinchara, all from Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal, were busy poring over their books just before the maths test began in St. Aloysius P.U. College, their exam centre. They said, “Maths in boards this time was so tough.”

Manasa from Vijaya College, Mulky, at Besant Women’s P.U. College, her centre for the exam, said, maths was “a little bit tough” and that maths in second PU had been “very tough”.

At Besant Women’s P.U. College, another centre for CET, Akshatha, of S.D.M. College, Ujire, said maths was tough while Sushama, also from the same college, said it was “not easy”. Pramod of Expert P.U. College said it was easy but because he did not have time to complete the questions, he had to mark a few questions at the end “randomly”.

Sanaullah, father of student Fizzah Kausar from Chitradurga, for whom the centre was in St. Aloysius PU College, said, “Biology had many questions on ecology. That’s what my daughter said. She is very keen on studying medicine.” At the same centre, Pavan Kumar from Jyoti College, Belgaum, said, “Biology was ok.”

K.R. Thimmaiah, Deputy Director for Preuniversity Education (DDPU), said that in Dakshina Kannada district, 9,935 students had enrolled for CET. Of them, 5,824 were present and 4,111 were absent for biology and 9,703 were present and 232 were absent for maths.

K.V. Halagappa, observer for five exam centres in Mangalore , said at St.Aloysius P.U. College, that the centre had been allotted with 737 students of which 381 wrote biology and 356 were absent. He said that in Government Girls PU College, Balmatta, 338 were allotted of which 144 attended the biology test. In Padua PU College, 561 out of 582 allotted students took Maths and 321 took Biology. In St.Agnes, of 579 allotted, 326 took Biology.

K.K. Upadhya, Chief Superintendent, S.M. Kushe PU College, said said the absence of the students in biology was “usual. They prefer maths.”