Staff Correspondent

CNC to stage dharna in New Delhi on November 1

Madikeri: The Codava National Council (CNC) has urged the Centre to refer the case pertaining to its demand of granting Kodava autonomous homeland status to the Kodavas, to the Parliamentary committee, which is set to take up the Darjeeling Gorkhaland bill in an apparent bid to grant greater autonomy to the Gorkhas.

In a statement here on Sunday, the secretary general of the CNC, N.U. Nachappa, reiterated the demand of the CNC to carve out Kodava homeland in Kodagu by bringing together 45 nads (a nad is a group of villages) in the district inhabited by the Kodavas. The CNC had been creating awareness in this regard, Mr. Nachappa said.

Quoting examples of autonomous regions such as Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council in India, Tibetan Autonomous Region in China, Kurdistan Autonomous Region in Iraq, Mr. Nachappa said autonomy would ensure financial security and constitutional protection to the minority Kodava race. The other demands include according ethno-linguistic tribal status to the Kodavas and extention of the benefits of reservation to the community , establishment of a Central University for propagating ‘Kodavalogy’.

The CNC members will stage a dharna in New Delhi on November 1 to press their demands, he informed.