20 women were cheated with promise of employment in that country

Goa NRI Affairs Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro on Tuesday said the Ministry of External Affairs (MoE) had assured him to help Goan women who had been reportedly cheated after being promised employment in Albania, if a complaint is received.


Mr. Faleiro told presspersons here on Tuesady that he read on Monday reports in a section of the media that eight Goan women were cheated with a promise of employment in Albania and that they were taken to Albania and made to work 10 hours a day and paid $ 2 a day instead of the promised $ 20 plus overtime allowance.

Mr. Faleiro said India did not have an Embassy in Albania so he contacted the Secretary and Joint Secretary in-charge of Central Europe in the Ministry of External Affairs. They reportedly informed him that the matter concerned a group of 20 women and 17 of them were repatriated by Government of India.

The 17 left Tirana, the capital of Albania, last Friday by a Turkish Airlines flight and reached Mumbai last Saturday via Istanbul. Three of the women did not want to return and preferred to remain in Albania.

The Ministry could not identify immediately the Goan among those who returned but they forwarded to Mr. Faleiro a list with the names of all the 17 women promising appropriate action if any complaint was received by them in this matter.


Mr. Faleiro said on Tuesday that a global Goans' Convention (Gomant Vishwa Sammelan) would be held this year in London from July 22 to 25. The convention would hold a “Vishwa Konkani Sammelan”, a cultural programme by Konkani speaking expatriates from Goa, Mangalore, and Karwar.

  • 17 women returned to India last Saturday

  • Three women preferred to stay in Albania