‘It is a sensitive and delicate issue and we cannot fix a deadline’

The Centre was considering the “sensitive and delicate” issue of Telangana statehood demand and would take a decision after consulting all stakeholders, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy said here on Wednesday.

Replying to queries by presspersons during his visit to Bangalore to campaign for the Congress for the May 5 Assembly elections, Mr. Reddy said:

“The issue of Telangana needs time. It is a sensitive and delicate issue and the central leadership is looking at it.”

Brushing aside questions as to whether a decision on Telangana would be taken before the 2014 Parliament elections, Mr Reddy said: “It is in the process. Let us wait. We cannot fix a deadline for this issue.”

Water disputes

Replying to queries on water sharing between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Reddy said water disputes in each Sate had to be settled amicably.

“The Polavaram project across the Godavari and Krishna rivers would provide 35 tmc of water that can be shared between Karnataka and Maharashtra. Karnataka will get 21 tmc of this water,” he said.

Earlier addressing presspersons, Mr. Reddy exhuded confidence that the Congress would emerge victorious with a thumping majority in the May 5 elections in Karnataka.