Staff Correspondent

Nearly 40 delegates to attend the meeting today

MYSORE: The seventh meeting of the `Cauvery Family,' an informal group of farmers and experts from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, will begin in Mysore on Monday.

Important issues such as the recent developments in the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal and evolving a distress formula to share water between the two riparian States are likely to be discussed.

Nearly 40 delegates from the two States, including farmers' leaders, irrigation experts, economists and agricultural experts, will discuss major issues related to sharing of Cauvery waters between the two States. S. Janakarajan of the Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, is the convener of the group.

According to Kabini Raitha Hitharakshana Samithi president Kurubur Shanthkumar, the distress formula to be evolved to share water between the two States during times of scanty or low rainfall will be discussed as a committee to draft the formula has been formed already. The formula will try to settle the claims of the two States during distress years amicably. Later, it will be handed over to the Centre for consideration.

Mr. Shanthkumar exuded confidence that an amicable solution could be found as farmers, after several rounds of meetings and field visits, have understood the problems on each side.