A second-year PU student jumped off the third floor of her college building after she was reportedly caught cheating in a test Thursday morning. S. Sharanya (18), a science student at St. Joseph’s Indian Composite PU College on Vittal Mallya Road, was writing her physics paper for an internal assessment test in classroom 304 when the invigilator seized some chits between her answer papers, Cubbon Park police said.

The invigilator then moved to the corridor to look for the vice-principal to report the malpractice when Sharanya brushed past her, apologised and leapt from the parapet before the teacher could react.

Another invigilator who was on the second floor of the opposite building saw the girl preparing to jump and cried out, but the girl ignored her and plummeted to the ground near the quadrangle.

The college authorities rushed her to the Mallya Hospital next door.

A student, who did not wish to be named and who was in the same classroom said Sharanya was caught cheating and scolded by the invigilator. “She went out from the classroom crying and after a few minutes we heard a sound,” he said. The college authorities declined to comment. Principal Fr. Gilbert Saldanha said: “The test began around 8.45 a.m. but the girl walked out of the classroom after 9 a.m. following which she fell from the building. We have reported the incident to the police who are investigating the matter. Mallya Hospital said the girl is in a stable condition.

Hospital president Commodore I. Wadhwani said: “She fell on soft grassy ground, there was no serious injury.” Medical superintendent Kanchan Sanyal said: “She has suffered fractures on the right upper arm and the lower rib.” The police booked a case of suicide attempt against Sharanya, a resident of Ulsoor.