Swadeshi Bachao Andolan says ban on cow slaughter not implemented

12 States have enacted law banning cow slaughter There are 70 crore cows in India A signature campaign launched to protect cows

KARWAR: Swadeshi Bachao Andholan convener Rajiv Dixit said that the andholan had launched a campaign to protect cows.

Mr. Dixit told presspersons here on Thursday that the seven-member Bench of the Supreme Court in its judgment on October 26, 2005 said that it was the duty of the Government to protect cows. He said the judgment was pronounced in response to a case under public interest litigation filed before the court jointly by Akhila Bharat Krishi Goseva Sangha, Ahimsa Army Trust and Government of Gujarat in 1998 requesting the court to put a ban on cow slaughter.

He said so far 12 States, including Karnataka, had enacted a law banning cow slaughter. But the law was observed more in breach. He had been touring all the districts of the State since April 8 to collect signatures of people in favour of cow protection. A memorandum containing these signatures would be submitted to Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on May 1.

Mr. Dixit said the common perception that cow became useless when it stopped giving milk was wrong.

A cow discharged 10 kg of cow dung and five litres of urine a day. While cow dung could be used to prepare organic fertilizer, its urine could be an ingredient for medicines to treat diabetes, arthritis, bronchitis and tuberculosis. It could be used as medicine for eye problems such as retinal detachment and cataract.