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CDP submitted by the Government is unscientific: Ramdas

MYSORE: The former MLA and BJP leader A. Ramdas has urged the Chief Minister to convene a meeting to revise the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) for Mysore.

He said at a press conference here on Monday that Mysore was included in the urban renewal project under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), but the CDP submitted by the authorities was termed unscientific by the Centre and returned with an advice to revise it.

CDP was mandatory for implementing JNNURM and it was the responsibility of the authorities to usher in administrative reforms.

Another key aspect of the JNNURM was public participation, incorporation of modern management and accounting practices. But neither of these were observed and the CDP prepared by Infrastructure Development Corporation of Karnataka (IDEC-K) was rejected by the Centre.

Mr. Ramdas termed the CDP prepared by the State Government "unscientific." He suggested that a meeting of stakeholders, including legislators and other elected representatives, be convened to fine-tune the CDP.

Mr. Ramdas alleged that the authorities had failed to take up projects such as "Auto Nagar," a township housing garages in the city.