Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: The snap stir by express bus drivers on Udupi route was called off with the bus owners deciding to suspend Sunil Bajilkeri, a time keeper here on Friday.

Mr. Sunil had allegedly assaulted Ganesha, one of the bus drivers on Wednesday. A decision to place the time-keeper under suspension until such time that the time keepers committee probed the allegation against him was taken at a meeting of bus owners.

The president of Canara Bus Operators Association K. Rajavarma Ballal said that the bus drivers had called a meeting and invited bus owners from Udupi and Mangalore to the meeting here on Friday afternoon. The bus owners asked drivers to stay away, assuring to raise the matter on their behalf. A section of the bus owners wanted Mr. Ballal to take action against the time keeper and finally a decision was reached to this effect.

Mr. Ballal said buses started operating from Udupi towards Mangalore and vice-versa later in the afternoon once the decision to keep the time keeper under suspension was communicated to the drivers. The time-keepers’ coordination committee will conduct the inquiry and hand over the report to association, he said. Bus drivers had resorted to snap strike on Thursday demanding disciplinary action against the time keeper.