The Regional Transport Authority’s fiat to private city and shuttle bus owners in Udupi district to use electronic ticketing machine (ETM) has met with a cold response.

In its meeting on March 14, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) directed all private bus owners to compulsorily provide tickets from ETM within a month.

With just three more days to go, a large majority of city and shuttle buses are yet to implement the directive. The directive was issued after complaints from passengers that they were being overcharged. S.P. Padmaprasad, Regional Transport Officer, told The Hindu that many bus operators had complained of shortage of ETMs, while others had said that there were no servicing centres for these machines. “We held a meeting with the bus operators on April 9 and told them that they should use ticket vending machines within a week,” he said.

But the bus owners said that they would require more time. There are 93 city buses in Udupi and about 250 shuttle buses operating in the district. K. Suresh Nayak, General Secretary of Udupi City Bus Owners Association, said that it would require at least 20 days to provide ticket vending machines to the bus conductors.

  • Regional Transport Authority’s deadline to buy ticketing machines ends on Saturday

  • Operators complain of shortage of machines and service centres