The government’s decision to hike fares of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses has evoked strong opposition from the BJP, which staged a demonstration in the city on Monday.


The party activists described it as a “continuation of the anti-people policies” of the Congress at the Centre and the State and said it was a “shock treatment” administered to the public. The BJP said the hike came soon after polling was held in the State. It was clear that the government had desisted from the hike only in view of the elections.

They said the government has justified the hike on the grounds that the prices of petrol and diesel have escalated.

The State government can roll back cess and other taxes to provide relief to the public, instead of passing on the burden to them.

The fare hike comes at a time when the people were reeling under escalating prices of essential commodities and hence should be withdrawn immediately.

The activists condemned the blast on board the Bangalore-Guwahati Express, which claimed the life of a woman at the Chennai Central Railway Station last week.

Meanwhile, the KSRTC Workers’ Association, Mysore Division, said the government had justified the fare hike on the grounds that the wages and daily allowance of workers had increased, besides the rise in diesel and petrol prices.

However, the association pointed out that the pay hike was effected on January 1, 2013, and was 30 per cent lower than pay drawn by State government employees.