The Bridge Course Programme for students in about 150 rural colleges of Bangalore University will commence from this academic year, in all likelihood.

The course will cover 60,000 students, for which a batch of 50 English language teachers will be recruited. They will teach the students in a batch of 50 colleges for three months.

The Regional Institute of English (Bangalore) may be tasked with this assignment after the approval of Bangalore University bodies.


The proposals were conveyed during deliberations on the course with a delegation from the British Council, Chennai, who were invited to give their ideas about carrying forward the course.


The delegation was also invited to make value additions to the plan of action on the training of the English language teachers. However, Ravindra Reshme of the university informed that considering the strength of students in rural colleges, it is been expected that around 500 teachers will have to be trained. Steve Hutchinson from the delegation suggested that mobile phones could be put to use for enabling rural students to learn English, but added that the methodology could only complement the overall programme.

Vice-Chancellor N. Prabhu Dev is said to have evinced particular interest in this.

The British delegation will now take the proposals forward by consulting the officials concerned in the council.

  • The course will cover 60,000 students

  • 50 English language teachers will be recruited

    for the purpose