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Raja Shetty buried by the side of road as he was poor

OBCs are not allowed to bury the dead in burial ground meant for SC/STs

Many families bury their dead family member in the farmland that they own

Mysore: Let alone the living, even the dead seem to have problems in the rural parts of the State because of the apathy of concerned authorities in providing a place for burying the dead belonging to the backward classes.

Recently, relatives of a deceased person who belonged to other backward community had to wait for over a day before they finally could bury the dead body in Arepura village of Gundlupet taluk in Chamarajanagar district.

According to village residents, Raja Shetty (40) who belonged to Nayanaja Kshatriya (Savitha Samaja) community died last week. When his relatives were preparing to perform the final rites, they encountered a peculiar problem. They did not know where to bury the dead body as the community does not have a burial ground for itself. Finally after the intervention of tahsildar of Gundlupet, they buried the body by the side of NH 212, which passes through the village.

According to residents, although there was a burial ground for the Scheduled Castes and Tribes, people of the other backward classes were not allowed to bury their dead there.

So, people of the other backward communities were burying dead in a government land. However, a “powerful” person in the village recently fenced the area claiming that he owned the land. In fact, some families that own farmland, bury the dead in their own land. The burial of Raja Shetty became a problem as he did not own any land and he was very poor, the village residents said.

Mr. Manjunath told The Hindu that a villager had fenced the government land illegally and he had ordered re-survey of the land. He said he had sent a proposal to the Government for sanction of land for the burial ground for OBCs.