The final match of the Celebrity Cricket League will be in Bangalore

A fierce determination — rarely seen even among international teams — was on display at the recent presentation of the Karnataka Bulldozers cricket team.

With steely gaze and inspiring quotes to match, the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) participants stirred the crowd with dramatic “let’s win this for Kannada pride” rhetoric. When he took the microphone, ‘Kiccha’ Sudeep, Kannada actor and team captain, received loud applause, reminiscent of the rapturous scenes at a cinema when the crowd witnesses the hero’s ‘grand entry scene’.

“I want you all to understand this; we don’t play for money, we play for Kannada pride,” he said.

Earlier, armed with measured responses, Pancharangi hero Diganth brought a semblance of restraint in an otherwise melodramatic setting. “This tournament happens once a year, and it’s like Deepavali or Dasara for us. The Celebrity Cricket League is great fun, but we’re taking our cricket practice seriously. We’re all busy actors, but all of us have taken a month off to train and get ready,” he said.

No movie script is complete without a leading lady, played here by actor Aindrita Ray, who was asked to give a “cute speech”. It duly arrived and the audience slipped into a lovestruck daze.

Soon, the press conference ended, though it was best considered as just the interval.

Come March 10, the climax will be witnessed at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, the venue of the CCL final.

If Sudeep and his Karnataka Bulldozers team make it that far, the movie could end with the hero walking into the sunset.