The scheme is based on a 60:40 sharing basis between the BUDA and landowners

The Belgaum Urban Development Authority (BUDA) has decided to go ahead with implementing the Bhagya Nagar Second Stage Angol Scheme No. 62, also termed the ‘60:40 development scheme’, and start the process of acquiring land in areas where several residential and commercial structures have been illegally built.

The BUDA authorities, however, are yet to resolve issues such as developing roads, gardens and necessary amenities under the proposed scheme.

Parmanand K. Godhwani, Chairman, BUDA, and P.N. Ravindra, Commissioner, said here on Tuesday that a clear picture would emerge only after BUDA conducted a total station survey of the area.

Highlighting salient features of the scheme, Mr. Ravindra said BUDA had issued a preliminary notification in 2007 to acquire 145 acres and 35 guntas of land to form 1,700 housing sites, including 250 corner sites.

The scheme is based on a 60:40 sharing basis between the BUDA and owners of the land.

Under this scheme, landowners are eligible to own 40 per cent of the land, which they can either retain or sell on their own or through the BUDA by paying service charges. At present, the market rate for residential sites in Angol and Bhagya Nagar area is around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500 per sq. ft, he said.

However, on Monday, a section of farmers refused to part with their fertile paddy fields falling under the area of the proposed scheme. Clarifying the issue, Mr. Ravindra said BUDA could not acquire land after issuing a preliminary notification in 2007 as farmers had refused to part with their land.

Subsequently, some persons had filed writ petitions in the High Court Bench in Dharwad.

The court, while disposing of the petition in 2012, ordered BUDA to complete the process of formation of the layout within 300 days with due approvals from the State government.

He said the farmers were being convinced to give up their land as it would be beneficial to them.

BUDA would go ahead with the acquisition process as per rules and implement the scheme as per the court order, he said. Mr. Ravindra confirmed that the government had denotified 54 acres of land after BUDA had issued notification to acquire land in Hindalga for housing sites.

Hindalga scheme

He said BUDA proposed to issue a preliminary notification to acquire 29 acres and 34 guntas of land under the Hindalga scheme No. 58 to form 360 sites. The government had already accorded approval to the project, which consists of 55 corner sites, he said.

Mr. Godhwani said BUDA had submitted a fresh Comprehensive Development Plan to the government for approval.

  • Government has denotified 54 acres of land under the Hindalga scheme for housing sites

  • Farmers are being convinced to part with their land: BUDA Chairman