A writ petition was filed in the Dharwad Circuit Bench of the Karnataka High Court on Thursday challenging the alleged illegal denotification of a piece of land by the Commissioner of the Belgaum Urban Development Authority (BUDA) in 2006 to favour Abhay Patil, MLA, and his brother.

The then members of BUDA and former MLAs Manohar Kinekar and Ramesh Kudachi have also been made respondents in the petition as it is alleged that they acted to favour Mr. Abhay Patil.

The court will decide on the admissibility of the petition after hearing the respondents.

The petitioner, Bhaurao Gadakari, a resident of Sulga, has alleged that BUDA denotified 9,139.75 sq. ft of land in survey no. 219/2 at Jukkin Honda, Indraprasta Nagar, in the heart of Belgaum city, although it had no powers to allow change in land use.

The denotified land was purchased allegedly by Sheetal Patil, Mr. Abhay Patil’s brother.

Both Mr. Kinekar, a senior Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi leader, and Mr. Kudachi of the BSR Congress are contesting the Assembly elections from Belgaum Rural and Belgaum North constituencies, respectively.

It is also alleged in the petition that Mr. Abhay Patil, Mr. Kinekar and Mr. Kudachi had influenced BUDA authorities to allow change in land use in survey no. 87/A/2 CTS no. 3876 in Khasbag to favour a businessman, Ramesh Chindak.

The petitioner pointed out that the Regional Commissioner had conducted an inquiry into these matters and submitted a report to the State government, with observations that included irregularities committed by BUDA while acquiring land from November 17, 2003 to September 12, 2007 and also while sanctioning unauthorised layouts.

The petitioner has alleged that though the Deputy Commissioner of Belgaum had passed an order on July 3, 2009 against authorising any person from acquiring public and civic amenities sites and directed the Sub-Registrar against registering any documents pertaining to civic amenities sites, the Sub-Registrar registered a sale deed in favour of Mr. Abhay Patil’s relatives.

Mr. Abhay Patil did not receive calls made to his cellphone to seek his comments.

  • Writ petition filed in Dharwad Circuit Bench of the High Court

  • Former MLAs Manohar Kinekar, Ramesh Kudachi have also been made respondents in the petition