B. Sriramulu, president of the BSR Congress, actors Pooja Gandhi and Rakshita Prem, and T.H. Suresh Babu, are among the 124 candidates released by the party to contest the Assembly polls on May 5.

Mr. Sriramulu will be seeking re-election from Bellary (Rural) and Mr. Suresh Babu from Kampli, both reserved for Scheduled Tribes, while Ms. Pooja and Ms. Rakshita will contest from Raichur (City) and Chamarajanagar respectively. Releasing the list after offering puja to the ceiling fan, the party’ s symbol, Mr. Sriramulu said the second list of another 100 candidates would be released by Wednesday evening or Thursday.

All communities in

He said care had been taken to follow the principles of social justice by giving representations to all communities. Among the 124 candidates are four former Ministers and nine former legislators.