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Two Americans spend an hour every day with street children in Mysore

MYSORE: These two Americans are trying to bring a smile on the faces of street children in Mysore. Silently working among these neglected children, Tracy and Christina devote an hour every day to the children loitering on Sayyaji Rao Road.

Providing positive support to around 15 children, Ms. Tracy, in her mid-40s, and Ms. Christina, in her early 20s, provide education, medical support, breakfast and some entertainment to these children.

Speaking to The Hindu , Ms. Tracy said that they work around an hour every morning, involving the children in games and learning the alphabet.


Though both are American nationals, the two met through a common friend in India, and started helping street children roughly a year ago.

Ms. Tracy said that she was in India three years ago to learn yoga, and inspired by the work of a few religious heads and philanthropists, she decided to work with those children living in poverty.

She said though initially she encountered resistance, the children as well as their parents started trusting them. While some children have lost their parents, in some cases even the parents are street dwellers.