T.V. Sivanandan

Kamalapur and Shahabad constituencies abolished

GULBARGA: Predicting election results may not be easy for psephologists this time as boundaries of most of the constituencies in the State have been redrawn and previous data will be of little use.

For instance in Gulbarga, which is the second biggest district in the State with 13 Assembly constituencies, two constituencies have been abolished and two constituencies have been created.

While Kamalapur and Shahabad constituencies, both reserved for the Scheduled Castes in the previous elections, have been abolished and areas under them have been included in Gulbarga Rural constituency (reserved for the Scheduled Castes), Chitapur (SC) and Gulbarga South.


Gulbarga city constituency has been divided into Gulbarga North and Gulbarga South.

While Gulbarga North consists of wards 1 to 30, Gulbarga South comprises wards 31 to 57 and Pattan Circle, which was earlier in Afzalpur constituency, and Nandikur and Khandal gram panchayats, Jaffarabad, Udnoor, Naganahalli, Nandikur, Panegoan and other villages which were part of Shahabad constituency.

The only constituency, which has not seen major changes, is Jewargi of the former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh.


Major changes have been made in Chitapur, which was a general constituency, has now been reserved for the Scheduled Castes.

While Kaligi Circle has been excluded from Chitapur and included in Chincholi constituency, new areas which have been included in Chitapur constituency are Wadi, Nalwar Circle, and Shahabad Circle, which was earlier part of Shahabad Constituency.

The newly created Gulbarga Rural constituency comprises Mahagoan Circle and Kamalapur Circle, which were part of Kamalapur constituency, Aurad B Circle, Gulbarga Rural Circle, parts of Shahabad Circle, including Marthur Gram Panchayat, Tonsinhalli Gram Panchayat, and the areas under the Shahabad town municipality limits.

In Aland constituency, Khajuri Circle, which was in Kamalapur constituency, has been included along with Madanhipparga Circle.

In Shahapur constituency, except for the removal of Wadegera Circle, which has been included in Yadgir constituency, not many changes have been made.


In Yadgir constituency, apart from the inclusion of Wadegera Circle, Saidapur Circle has been removed and included in Gurmitkal constituency.

In Afzalpur constituency, the new areas included are Farhatabad Circle, which was part of Shahabad constituency. And Pattan Circle, which was part of the Afzalpur constituency, has been included in the Gulbarga South constituency.