Special Correspondent

`Skilled personnel are in demand for specialised sectors'

Bangalore: The medical transcription sector, the earliest in business process outsourcing to come here, may go through a growth phase again. Client hospitals and medical insurance companies in the U.S. account for $200 million worth of business for transcription centres here.

According to Peter Preziosi, Executive Director of the American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT), the sector is going through another boom period now.

While attending a seminar on medical transcription here last week, he said transcription personnel were needed now for specialised sectors such as editing, speech regulation, clinical trial data and clinical research and health-related information technology.

"For candidates with high levels of accuracy and ethical standards, there will be no dearth of opportunities in the medical transcription sector. What is most required of candidates is the willingness to protect the privacy and security of important medical documents. Clients in the U.S. are particular about this," Dr. Preziosi said.

Knowledge of medical terminology and pharmacopoeia and good language skills in English are the other requirements for the job, he said.

Those who make it a point to study medical terminology and become familiar with medications used in U.S. hospitals and clinics will be able to excel and advance faster in their careers in medical transcription centres.

There was a critical shortage of qualified medical transcription personnel in the U.S. and this would benefit India, he said. Hospitals and medical professionals there respected the competency and cost savings by outsourcing to India.

There are around 150 companies in India specialising in medical transcription services and close to 50 have facilities in Bangalore, including some major players with a good reputation in the U.S.

These offer candidates training to obtain certification recognised overseas such as the Certified Medical Transcriptionist and Registered Medical Transcriptionist examinations.

The AAMT may be setting up a testing centre here too. Guidance on the certificate courses, testing procedure and the requirements of the profession can be obtained on www. prometric.com.