“The Fama of Menino Jesus of Colvá Faith and Festivity across History”, a book by José Venâncio Machado, will be launched at the District Library auditorium in Navelim, south Goa on Saturday at 4 p.m.

Bombay High Court former judge Eurico Santana Da Silva will release the book. Goan historian Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas and the author will be present.

The Fama of Menino Jesus, an annual pilgrimage for many, will be celebrated in Colvá on October 14 this year. On the day, the devotees are allowed to kiss the statuette of the Child Jesus that is venerated in the local church since 1731. This image is a replacement for the original image that was at the spot for over 70 years and was moved to its current home at the church of the College of Rachol.

The history of the original image was lost in the mists of time and gave rise to a number of legends about its origin and disappearance from the Colvá church. Historians have failed to explain from where it came, why the Jesuits took it to Rachol and, despite an order to return the statuette to the ganvkar of Colvá, why it remained in Rachol.

In his research on the subject, José Venâncio Machado found in the historical archives in Lisbon and Goa, several valuable manuscripts dated between 1722 and 1731, involving King John V of Portugal, his Overseas Council, the Archbishop Santa Teresa, the Civil and High Courts, the Jesuits and the ganvkar of Colvá.

Ten of these ‘ganvkars’ were even jailed for more than one month as they refused to give up their claim of the statuette.

  • The Fama of Menino Jesus will be celebrated in Colva on October 14 this year

  • The original statue of Child Jesus was moved from a Colva church to the Rachol church