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BJP launches a ‘dramatic’ campaign

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A NEW MEDIUM: The BJP troupe performing when the party launched a campaign through street play in Bangalore on Monday.
A NEW MEDIUM: The BJP troupe performing when the party launched a campaign through street play in Bangalore on Monday.

Special Correspondent

Party banks on a street play on formation of coalition and its collapse

BANGALORE: “Kamalappa” is left in the lurch by his tenant and friend “Swamy”, who decides not to leave their house to him despite an agreement that they would live in the house for 20 months each. Enter Dharmappa and his mother who try to lure Swamy with false promises and then disappear from the scene once Kamalappa and Swamy sever ties.

Does the plot ring a bell? Well, here is a street play for you based on the recent political tamasha in Karnataka between the Janata Dal (Secular) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The medium of street theatre is being used by the BJP to highlight what it believes is a “political betrayal” by Janata Dal (Secular), backed by the Congress.

The 90-minute street play titled Kamalappana Mane has been directed by theatre personality Yashwanth Sardeshpande for the party.

Perhaps keeping in mind the Election Commission’s strictures against personal attacks at the rivals, the street play does not name the Janata Dal (S) or the Congress parties or their leaders. But uses similar names like Kamalappa for Yeddyurappa, Swamy for H. D. Kumaraswamy and Dharmappa for Dharam Singh. Mr. Sardeshpande claimed that the street play does not indulge in character assassination or personal attacks.

The street play campaign titled, “Rangayatre”, was launched in Bangalore on Monday.

Three different teams comprising 10 artistes each will stage about 150 shows in different parts of the State. Each team will have two technicians.

The 90-minute play has been designed in such a way that it can be split into small skits depending upon the time availability. The play has a bit of magic show, mimicry, group song and dance to attract the crowd. It remains to be seen how voters respond to the political street play.




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