Staff Correspondent

‘The coalition was ambitious to complete its term’

‘The coalition leaders emphasised its instability’

TUMKUR: The former Chief Minister and Congress leader S.M. Krishna on Tuesday directly blamed the Janata Dal (Secular) and the Bharatiya Janata Party for the early elections to the Assembly.

Mr. Krishna, who launched the Congress campaign at Sira in Tumkur district, said, “The Janata Dal (S)-BJP coalition was unduly ambitious over completing the 40-month term in office. The coalition had no other objective.”

“Both the Janata Dal (S) and the BJP leaders proclaimed before the media that they would strive to complete the 40-month term. They never spoke anything about development or service to people,” he said.

He said the coalition was that unstable. The alliance partners took pains to emphasise the point of its instability almost every minute. But, unfortunately, they could only complete 20 months. The coalition tumbled thereafter.

“We are here facing the elections (to the Assembly) one full year in advance due to their failure,” Mr. Krishna said.


Mr. Krishna made out a strong case in favour of a stable Government and said, “Congress alone can provide a stable government which will enable the State revive its past glory.”

He said between 1999 and 2004 the State progressed very well. The coalition government, which succeeded it, could not keep up the same tempo of growth. He did not attack the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition which ruled the State for the first 20-month term.

“Only Congress leaders have such a foresight, not those of other parties. You need to have global knowledge and comprehend what has been happening around the world,” he said defending that only Congress could lead the State towards plenty and prosperity

He said he had a vision when he introduced Akshara Dasoha, Yeshasvini, Sanjeevini, and Stree Shakti schemes. “The JD(S)-BJP coalition lacked it (such vision). The coalition initiated some programmes half-heartedly and they died down even before they were launched,” he said.

He said in 1998, the income tax collected in Bangalore was only Rs. 3,500 crore. It increased to Rs. 32,000 crore by 2004. The Centre shared 70 per cent of the tax collected with the State. The Congress Government used that money for rural development.

Can you find such concern for people in any other political party, he asked the audience. The audience shouted “no”.