The Congress party on Monday lashed out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, holding it responsible for the promotion of prostitution in the guise of mushrooming massage parlours in the capital city and coastal tourist belt.

‘Cause for concern’

Addressing a press conference at the Congress House in the city on Monday, Congress spokesperson Vijay L. Bhike warned that this unabated sex trade was becoming a cause of concern for citizens. “It looks like the tourism policy of the government is to promote Goa as a destination for sex , liquor , drugs and gambling tourism,” said Mr. Bhike.

He went on to apprehend that this could destroy the cultural fabric of Goa and Goan identity. He also questioned the State government over the growing crime rate across the State.

The Congress spokesperson opposed the move to allow liquor bars to be kept open till 4 a.m. fearing it will cause more problems.